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I work full-time and I also want to homeschool.

Working full-time is tough for anyone nevermind stacking on the responsibility of homeschooling your child. Your student will need 3-4 hours a day of instruction and in-person interaction just to accomplish the required core subject areas. If you're a working parent and still desire to homeschool your child there are options for you!

  • Option 1: Enroll in a private part-time academy for homeschooling students (Private Satellite Program)

  • Option 2: Hire a credentialed teacher to teach required core subjects.

  • Option 3: Enroll in an academic co-op that will provide instructional classes to your child in-person or online.

Check out the nearest private homeschool academies that offer hybrid education for homeschooling students. ADLife Academy is a hybrid that offers four days a week of in-person classes for your homeschooling student. There may be other programs in your area that offer a 2-3 day hybrid program. Not only does this create a wonderful academic community for your child, it allows you to find some hours to work.


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