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I'm ready to pull my child out of school, but I'm nervous about homeschooling.

Maybe the traditional campus-based model of education is not an ideal fit for your child in a rapidly growing digital generation. Maybe your child has challenges, learning disabilities or special needs and requires a smaller group setting and 1:1 instruction. Maybe your child is an accelerated learner and desires more. There may be a number of reasons that led you to search for a home-based educational program and we are here to guide you through that process.

The traditional brick and mortar classroom was originally designed more than 150 years ago for a one size fits all in an industrial society. In 150 years our society has changed to welcome a new age of technology. This generation needs an innovative, collaborative, and creative space to learn life skills and problem solving strategies in order to prepare them for a rapidly expanding future. This calls for educators who are willing to step outside of the box and provide a non traditional journey of education. In a home-based educational setting your student has access to a number of resources. They are not limited to a school-building budget or particular selection of class offerings but they have access to hundreds of in-person and virtual service vendors, teachers and tutors.


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