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  • Math: Session 1 Sept. - Oct. 2023
  • Math: Session 1 Sept. - Oct. 2023

Math: Session 1 Sept. - Oct. 2023


Students will learn symmetry, tessellations, triangles, special quadrilaterals and polygons, surface area, volume, patterns, the coordinate plane, and other essential math factors. Students will incorporate nature and see how math correlates with the outside world. 


This class is live, online, and interactive. Games and fun methods will be used to cover the material. Handouts and worksheets will be provided by the instructor. All students will take an evaluation at the start of the first class. 



Handouts and worksheets will be provided by the instructor. 


Class Details

Instructor Name: Mrs. Reardon

Class Meeting Dates: 

  • 9/12, 9/14, 9/19, 9/21, 9/26, 9/28, 10/3, 10/5, 10/10, 10/12, 10/17, 10/19

Grade Levels: 5-7

Meeting Days: Tuesday/Thursday

Time: 10:00am-11:00am

Class Duration: 60 minutes

Number of Weeks: 6

Cost: $480

Location: AdLife Academy - Pasadena


About the Instructor

Mrs. Reardon - a proud Canadian, is described by students as being patient, caring, and creative. Lori has over 30 years of teaching experience in both public and private school settings. She has a Bachelor’s of Education degree in Mathematics and a Master of Arts Degree in Teaching and Curriculum. In addition, Lori holds a California Professional Clear Multiple Subject Teacher Credential and a Single Subject Authorization in Mathematics.


She has taught and tutored students from 3rd grade (multiple subjects) through high school (math and English Language Arts), has been a literacy coach, teacher trainer, math consultant, workshop presenter and most recently math intervention specialist. She loves learning and is constantly searching to find materials and programs to engage and build student’s confidence, and works hard to help them achieve their academic and personal goals. Lori engages students with creative projects that teach students how math is applied in the real world and makes it fun!

Lori is an avid reader, mom of two adult sons, and likes to keep active by walking, cycling, hiking, trying new things, most recently learning to play pickleball.