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What is AdLife Academy?

AdLife Academy is an exclusive homeschool learning center for first to eighth grade students where only 75 students are accepted.  The school year is divided into 8-week themed sessions running from late August to early June and students attend from 8:30am to 3pm.  Families may select from two or four-day options to participate in specific program features.  All students will enjoy regular hands on activities, leadership opportunities, communication development, and an overall experiential approach to learning.

What are the Two and Four-Day Program Features?

Students may enroll in either the two or four-day program option to participate in select courses.

Monday & Wednesday Program Features

  • Core History & Science Lessons

  • Ambassadors of Compassion 

  • Physical Education 

  • Field Trips

Tuesdays & Thursday Program Features

  • Core Math & English Lessons

  • Exhibition Presentations

  • Field Trips

Monday through Thursday Program Features

  • All of the above

After one year in AdLife Academy’s Four-Day Program, your student will have…

  • Completed their Core Classes

  • Developed useful Technological Skills 

  • Participated in five Highly Interactive Field Trips

  • Made a Difference with five Real World Community Service Projects

  • Learned Directly from World Class Instructors and Renowned Guest Speakers

  • Demonstrated Learning during Exhibitions to Parents, Relatives and Friend

Why choose AdLife Academy over other learning centers?

  • Instruction from high quality educators from around the nation

  • Weekly physical education covers multiple sports

  • An all encompassing program with field trips, core subjects, leadership opportunities, communication development and community service options.

  • Work samples are generated for families enrolled in charter schools

  • There are no parent volunteer requirements

What are the Program Fees for AdLife Academy?​

We strive to provide high-quality education that incorporates the best of private school with the customization of homeschooling at an affordable cost.

Two-Day Program (Mon/Wed or Tue/Thu)

Full-Day: $495/Student/Month

Half-Day: $395/Student/Month

Four-Day Program (Monday to Thursday)

Full-Day: $695/Student/Month

Half-Day: $495/Student/Month

*Full-Day: Students attend from 8:30am to 3pm

*Half-Day: Students may attend either (1) from 8:30am to the end of lunch or (2) from the beginning of lunch to the end of the day at 3pm

After school care, private lessons, and Fun Fridays are optional offerings available at an additional fee.  In addition, the following financial assistance options are in place: 

  • Tuition discounts for siblings: $50 off per month for each additional student

  • Acceptance of Charter Instructional Funds.  Contact us for a list of participating charter schools.  

  • Monthly payment options

​How do I enroll in AdLife Academy?

AdLife Academy has open enrollment throughout the academic year. The following enrollment process helps to ensure that AdLife Academy is a good fit for prospective students.

STEP 1: Attend a Live, Online Informational Meeting & Schedule an Optional Campus Tour

STEP 2: Complete the Online Application

STEP 3: Participate in an Online Family & Student Interview

STEP 4: Receive notification of the Admission Decision via Email

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