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Message From the Founder of AdLife Academy


As we continue the journey of educating our children, it's important to take a moment to recognize the many facets that go into what defines quality education. We must evaluate our goals, the environment around us, and most importantly, our children's unique talents, skills, and personalities. It's an expansive and meaningful task to shape the future generation. 

We at AdLife Academy approach education with an emphasis on innovation and implementation of researched best practices. At the heart of our efforts are three main principles: Leadership, Learning, and Love. 

We want to create a safe, fun, and engaging space where our students can learn and grow. We will emphasize leadership within all stages of our lives - whether it's within families, communities or within themselves. But perhaps most important of all is love. Our efforts are rooted in a foundation of kindness, consideration, and support for our students, their families, our instructors, our staff, and our community. 

For over ten years, I have been devoted to recruiting the best of the best instructors capable of bringing the spectrum of core and enrichment subjects to life.  At AdLife Academy, it is my honor to have these world class instructors guiding your children.   

We hope your children will join us at Adlife Academy to experience education founded on Leadership, Learning, and Love. 


Abby Lai 

AdLife Academy Founder